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Most people dream of one day owning a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. My dream fo Pro Touring Camaro 1969 started in June of 1991, when I first saw my Dad’s garage shop calendar. Displayed that month was a 1969 Baldwin Motion 427 Camaro. I tore off the June 1991 photo and carried it with me as a source of inspiration to one day build a Camaro as special as that one. I joined the US Army in May 1992 and in June 2001, I purchased my 1969 Camaro. Originally, blue with white rally stripes, this stock Camaro became the seed car for the pro touring market that opened up not long after. A daily driver at the time, I embarked upon this restoration as a Father-Son project. However, after my Father sold his business due to illness, I took the car with me from duty station to duty station looking for restoration shops to help me finish the car. The summer of 2016 culminated a 15-year build and a 27-year long dream to own a special, unique and race inspired Pro Touring Camaro 1969. As my family and I still serve our country today, I am humbled and thankful for all those who helped me achieve this unthinkable dream. Through perseverance, determination, resiliency and an enormous amount of time and treasure, I am pleased to share with you my dream. Please enjoy viewing the attention to detail in these build pictures and share the page with your family and friends. Thanks for viewing!

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